Stereo mastering is the final stage in the music production process where the stereo mix of a recording is optimized for playback on different sound systems. The purpose of stereo mastering is to enhance the overall sound quality, balance, and consistency of the mix, making it suitable for commercial release. This involves adjusting the levels, equalization, stereo image, and applying various processing techniques to create a polished, professional-sounding final product that meets industry standards. The goal of stereo mastering is to bring out the best in the mix and make it sound as good as possible on all playback systems and sounds great to listeners.

Stem mastering is a specialized form of audio mastering that involves breaking down a mix into separate individual elements or “stems,” such as drums, bass, guitar, and vocals, and processing each stem independently. This allows for a greater degree of control over the individual elements in the mix, as well as the ability to apply specific processing to each stem, to achieve a more balanced and polished final mix. Stem mastering is often used in genres where there is a need for more detailed control over the individual elements of a mix, such as dance, electronic, and hip-hop music. The goal of stem mastering is to create a final mix that is sonically superior, with well-balanced levels, clarity, and definition, and that meets industry standards for commercial release.


Stereo Mastering50
Stem Mastering : 80
–  After 8 stems +10€ per stem.

– Album 50
– Single/EP 30

Turn around time is usually 2 to 5 business days.
Payment via Credit Card or Bank Wire Transfer.
All charges included, 7 days free revision.

Feel free to contact me for more infos !


Stereo Mastering.

Please send me your files at a minimum of 44.1khz, 24bit, aiff or wav.

NO LIMITER on the pre master :
Bypass only mastering maximisers and or limiters on the master channel.
If you have mixed into a chain, leave it on, just disable the limiters.

Leave at least -3db headroom.

If you have a particular sound you wish to capture,
please send me a reference file.

Stem Mastering.

One example of common Stem Groupings :

1. Kick Stem -> Export kick drum alone
2. Bass Stem -> Export bass
3. Drums Stem -> Export drums and percussions
4. Synth Stem -> Export synths
5. Voice Stem -> Export voices
6. Remaining Stem -> Export all other tracks


You can send me your files using a transfer link at
All production is performed with analog and digitals tools.

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